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Glitch Type

Glitch Type

Glitch Type
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Glitch Type allows you to easily apply vibrant glitch effects to your custom text and artwork in Photoshop.

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Use Any Image: Anything can work as your fill image. Using the power of smart objects
in Photoshop, the PSD will apply the glitch effect using any image.
FREE Bonus Fill Imagery: In addition to the Glitch Type smart PSD, youll also receive a
FREE sample pack of 8 abstract paintings created
Unique: Since you can customize both the fill image and the type, each design will be completely unique.
Customizable: Want to customize your glitch effects? You can! The effects used in
Glitch Type are either smart Photoshop filters or adjustment layers so you can easily adjust any of them to your liking.
High Resolution: Marble Type always produce a high-quality 10x13.33in file at 300 dpi.
Open Glitch-Type.psd
Double click the SMART TEXT layer to open it as a smart object. Create your custom text
(any size, font, etc.) and then save the SMART TEXT smart object. (HINT: Youre not limited
to using text. Use custom type, shapes or anything you want to apply the glitch effect to.)
Double click the SMART FILL layer to open it as a smart object. Add your custom image
and then save the SMART FILL smart object. (8 free abstract paint fills are included.)
In Glitch-Type.psd, view the glitch results within the GLITCH EFFECTS layer group.
Try out some ADJUSTMENTS and BACKGROUND SHAPES. Everything is editable! Adjust
colors and effects to get exactly the look you want.
Export your glitch art! (You can include the background or turn off the background
layers and export is as a transparent PNG so you can easily add it to your design.)


Glitch Type PSD
Link to video tutorial (You can also view this above)
Bonus! Sample pack of abstract imagery.


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